10 April 2009

What is CIEE-Thailand?

This program is about the common person of Thailand. How do things like "development" or "globalization" play out in the lives of Thailand's poor? Sit down with villagers, share a meal, and step into the process of active learning.

This program is about development and globalization. Who benefits from these systems and in what way? What is the role of international financial institutions such as the World Bank and the World Trade Organization? What can our role be as concerned and committed global citizens? How does the way we live affect others? Is another way possible?

This program is about community, organizations, and about hope. What does or can "community" mean? Why do some communities organize and struggle together for justice? What role do NGOs play in such a process? How has the Assembly of the Poor provided a framework for long-term social change?

And this program is about students. Be ready and open to learn from those who have come before you. Understand the work of past students, involve yourself in it, and pass it on. Be ready to not only engage in Thai society, but also with fellow students in your group. By receiving, incorporating, and then passing on information, the program's work with communities and the issues of social justice strengthens, grows, and deepens.

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